Sustainable Culture

At MMM Group Limited (MMM), we are passionate about the environment and about creating healthy legacies in the communities where we live and work. From the sustainability goals we set for our own business, to our integrated design approaches, our culture ensures that our clients’ projects are guided by sound environmental practices no matter where in the world they may be. We are committed to ensuring that our solutions are not only tailored to our clients’ needs, but also sensitive to local conditions, and sustainable for the long term.

LEED Certified

At our offices across Canada, MMM Group is committed to sustainability – leading by example and with passion.

Several of our offices have already achieved the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification – a recognition of our sustainable design efforts. To learn more about these green offices, click on one of these office locations:

The Way We Work

The best way to ensure we have experience implementing cutting-edge environmental policies and technologies is to do so in our own offices. For example, MMM’s Kitchener and Toronto offices achieved LEED Platinum, and our Thornhill and Ottawa offices achieved Gold. Beyond the green buildings themselves, MMM has implemented sustainable policies across its operations. We believe this is not only our responsibility, but a way to streamline our operations for efficiency and to minimize waste.

Our internal policies and procedures touch on all aspects of green operations, including energy efficiency, water efficiency, resource utilization, sustainable transportation, and education and awareness.

Our Projects

MMM Group’s commitment to environmental, economic, and social sustainability is an inherent part of the custom solutions we develop for our clients. Projects are approached with the concept of sustainability in mind in order to meet their unique goals and challenges. Whether the goal is to achieve a green certification, reduce inefficiencies, protect and restore natural systems, promote the efficient use of land resources, or integrate infrastructure sustainably to make communities livable, healthy and vibrant, we bring our decades of experience to the team.

We strive to have unparalleled internal resources to meet sustainability needs, large and small.

In the Community

From our offices across the country, MMM Group is committed to producing projects that benefit our communities, and to supporting local organizations to improve and nurture the places where we live and work.

We believe that the more the public knows about energy efficiency, sustainable business operations, and innovative projects, the better. From conducting tours of our projects with students, special interest groups, and the community, to giving talks at industry conferences, our team members make time and enjoy sharing their knowledge and lessons learned with others.

Social responsibility is not just an extra-curricular activity at MMM Group. As a firm that has offices in communities across the country, we are aware of how we can use our expertise and energies to directly contribute to the neighbourhoods where we live and work. This philosophy is incorporated into the community-transformation initiatives we take on, as well as the way we come together as a team to contribute.

With our combined expertise in buildings, design, planning, environmental science, and project management, we are in an ideal position to lend a hand to many social initiatives. The programs we contribute to reflect this particular perspective and expertise, as well as our approach to sustainability.

The support of each MMM team member is needed to make these goals a reality. In ways small and large, we apply our innovative and thought-leadership skills to thinking of new ways to apply sustainability to our lives and work.