Pointe du Bois Spillway – Manitoba Awards of Excellence in Consulting Engineering – Award of Excellence, Environmental

MMM was recognized for excellence in Environmental Assessment, as it led the environmental component of the modernization of the oldest power plant in operation in Winnipeg.


MMM Award

Pointe du Bois Project Wins Manitoba Consulting Engineering Award

MMM Group was recently honoured for its role in the Pointe du Bois Spillway Replacement project, as it was selected for an Award of Excellence in the Environmental category at the 2012 Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) – Manitoba Awards.

Opened in 1911, the Pointe du Bois generating station is the oldest power plant still in operation on the Winnipeg River. Modernization of the plant was required to meet public and operational concerns associated with its aging infrastructure and the Canadian Dam Safety Guidelines for spillway capacity.

MMM Group was retained by Manitoba Hydro to lead the environmental component of the construction of a new primary and secondary spillway, transition structures, wing walls, and earthfill dams. In this role, MMM Group provided an environmental assessment, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and additional guidance in minimizing potential adverse environmental effects.

This complex project involved many notable challenges, including the need to protect and maintain the endangered lake sturgeon and its spawning habitat, a tight project schedule, and the involvement of numerous sub-consultants and disciplines, which required extensive management and coordination.

MMM Group remained flexible and responsive to Manitoba Hydro’s changing needs and objectives throughout the project, minimizing challenges, risks, and costs through constant communication and modifications to the project scope. As a result, the environmental assessment studies and EIS were completed on-schedule, enabling Manitoba Hydro to successfully obtain their Environmental Act License in January 2012.