Cathy Spark Speaks at Strategic Internal Communications Conference

Cathy Spark

Cathy Spark, Director, Marketing and Communications at MMM Group Limited, will present a session at the 11th Strategic Internal Communications Conference, taking place November 13-15 in Toronto.

Presented by the Advanced Learning Institute (ALI), the theme of the event is: How to Engage Employees, Drive Change, and Add Bottom-Line Value by Leveraging Social & Traditional Channels.

Cathy will speak about creating communications strategies and approaches to build engagement and drive a culture change across a diverse stakeholder group. The introduction and effective implementation of strategic corporate initiatives often require a significant change in an organization’s culture, and culture changes cannot be mandated or forced. This session will explore the range of approaches and initiatives MMM Group used in unveiling and implementing its dynamic new strategic plan and new mission, vision, and values.

A strong leader and implementer, Cathy has more than 25 years of experience in developing effective marketing and communication strategies in Canada and internationally. She is responsible for all aspects of branding, marketing, and communications within MMM Group, and has the proven ability to create a vision and to develop the strategies and action plans needed to achieve this vision in a practical, effective, and sustainable manner.

The Advanced Learning Institute is focused on helping executives build strong personal relationships, expand their business knowledge of cutting-edge trends, and find proven solutions to a wide range of business problems. The Strategic Internal Communications Conference offers practical advice from top organizations on how to transform the role of internal communications to one that adds value and drives change to achieve results.