Environmental Assessment Project Wins Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award

News_EnvironmentalAssessmentProjectWinsConsultingEngineersofOntario Award

MMM Group with AECOM recently received an award of merit from the Consulting Engineers of Ontario for the Phase 1 Niagara to Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Corridor Planning Study and Environment Assessment (studies and research) project.

This project is a key focus for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as part of its ongoing strategy to improve the highway corridor through recommendations for highway expansion and development of new highways.

Recognized as one of the largest environmental assessments undertaken in the history of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, MMM was responsible for stage 1 assessments for both corridors of the project.  A key role for MMM was to contribute land use and economic analysis to the overall environmental assessment, with an emphasis on the economic activity in the corridor areas and in areas served by the proposed transportation corridor.

MMM and its partners are recognized for studying the issue and bringing a determined focus on the process and not just the end result, through an organized team of engineers, transportation stakeholders and community members.

The awards recognized 12 engineering firms that have applied outstanding professional leadership and engineering innovation to improve the economic, social, and environmental quality of life in Ontario and around the globe.