SeawoodFM is a facility management solution delivered by MMM Group.

SeawoodFM is designed to provide a dynamic database that allows users to improve efficiencies in their daily operations.

Developed more than 10 years ago, SeawoodFM software offers a solution that is customizable to any facility’s needs. For facility managers, SeawoodFM is a customized interface that enables owners and operators to consolidate cumbersome as-built (architectural, mechanical, and electrical) and O&M documents. This information can then be accessed, queried, and leveraged through our easy-to-use, web-based interface at any time and from any computer with internet access. This provides an operational convenience for clients who have multiple-sites, or who may wish to monitor after hours from an off-site location. SeawoodFM allows building operators to manage with confidence, whether in developing fiscal budgets, planning for the future, or dealing with emergency scenarios.

Through visualization and management tools SeawoodFM offers our clients an ability to build up a single repository for facilities information, with SeawoodFM confirming and consolidating electrical, mechanical, and architectural as-built drawings and documents. The information stored within SeawoodFM is applicable throughout the entire building lifecycle, and can be used to help guide daily operations, redevelopment phases, and long-term planning.


Our Team

The SeawoodFM team is experienced in delivering solutions that work in real-life buildings, including large-scale healthcare facilities with complex life safety concerns for patients, visitors, staff and operators. With an advanced knowledge of architectural, mechanical and electrical building systems, as well as an understanding of operational challenges, they use their intuitive understanding of their client’s specific problems to provide customized solutions. This knowledge is actively used during detailed, on-site verifications, and in creating CAD models to develop the as-built conditions drawings which are prepared by the SeawoodFM team directly.

The team keeps active in the facility management community by attending conferences, events and staying active in FM related associations such as the International Facility Management Association and Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society. Due to their active roles in the FM community, and their understanding of existing legislation, team members play a role in shaping best practices, industry trends.

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  • Bio_BldgPerfSeawood_KellyLeal
    Kelly Leal

    Kelly Leal Project Manager, Buildings – SeawoodFM Key Highlights: Specializes in the development and implementation of SeawoodFM, working with clients to create dynamic databases that improve efficiencies in daily operations by consolidating as-built drawings, documents, and data Possesses a thorough understanding of mechanical and electrical systems of complex facilities Skilled in the manipulation of existing…

  • Bio_BldgPerfSeawood_GinaGiron
    Gina Giron

    Gina Giron Account Manager – Buildings, SeawoodFM Key Highlights: Experienced in delivering building solutions that assist in the operation and maintenance of facilities, as well as aiding in planning and redevelopment for large-scale facilities with complex life-safety concerns for patients, visitors, staff, and operators Possesses an in-depth knowledge of facility management, operations, and maintenance, with…

  • Grant Markewitz
    Grant Markewitz

    Grant Markewitz, P.Eng., MBA Manager, Building Performance Associate Key Highlights: Experienced in a wide variety of projects and activities encompassing the full life cycle of conceptual development, detailed design, financing, project management, commissioning, and optimization with an emphasis on energy conservation and reduction Specialization in high-complexity projects, building automation and sequence of operation redesign, energy…

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