With today’s emphasis on energy efficiency, certifying products with NFRC or CSA and qualifying for ENERGY STAR ratings is no longer a best-practice goal, but a market reality.

Windows play a vital role in achieving high-performance design, and with increasingly stringent building codes, accurate and proven thermal ratings will soon be needed for all fenestration products.

MMM Group Limited has assembled a team with more than 20 years of experience in simulating window performance and achieving window ratings for thousands of fenestration product lines. We provide window manufacturers with expert guidance to navigate the complex and sometimes confusing process of achieving their desired rating through maximizing the thermal performance of their product in the most economical way possible. By taking advantage of existing grouping rules and exemptions, MMM Group successfully reduces simulation and validation test costs. Our NFRC-certified professional engineers and window specialists pride themselves in quality control processes that allow us to focus on getting it right the first time.

MMM’s Windows team provides a variety of fenestration rating and simulation services for residential and commercial window manufacturers, including:

  • Simulations for NFRC / CSA certification
  • Guidance during the certification process
  • Simulation trials
  • Designing windows for improved thermal performance
  • Simulations for condensation resistance and interior frame / glass temperatures
  • Fenestration research