Applied GIS

MMM goes beyond the straightforward use of GIS, continuously seeking out and trialling the latest analysis tools and approaches to effectively integrate them into our business.

It was this tradition that lead to our adoption of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the 1980s, our mastery of which is now internationally recognized on the planning and development stage.

MMM continues to expand our service offerings, delving into enterprise-level relational databases, server-side GIS, and web development. We increasingly leverage these tools and approaches to provide full-spectrum services which extend beyond the delivery of simple reports. In particular, we now develop:

  • powerful and integrated geodatabases, which help our clients to more effectively collect, store, manage, and leverage their data
  • easy-to-use interactive online platforms that enhance stakeholder participation and more effectively gather vital input, visualize complex data, and facilitate analysis.

To learn about our PRIME and Applied GIS tools please click on the links below.