Ecological Restoration

MMM Group is well-respected for its expertise in ecological restoration and its approach that showcases the necessity and merits of an interdisciplinary approach to real-world environmental challenges.

Ecological restoration offers the opportunity for regaining the ecological health, functionality, and biological diversity of degraded natural areas. It helps to restore habitats that have been severely impacted through habitat destruction, invasive species expansion, urban sprawl, and human impact to terrestrial and aquatic resources. It addresses the need for effective ecological and environmental restoration of complex biodiverse ecosystems, creating climate-resilient landscapes.

MMM’s interdisciplinary synergies bring a wealth of innovative experience and an invested attitude to the environmental restoration discipline. Our ecological restoration services are integrated with specialization in GIS, public consultation, and environmental planning. In-house, we have access to a large multidisciplinary team that includes specialists in environmental assessment, urban and regional planning, land development, terrestrial and aquatic biology, civil and environmental engineering, transportation, hydrogeology, hydrology, and landscape architecture.

Our services include:

  • natural channel design
  • stream and shoreline restoration
  • stormwater management facilities design
  • wetland creation and restoration
  • wildlife habitat creation and management
  • natural area management and stewardship
  • disturbed site reclamation
  • integration of natural and residential development environments
  • species at risk evaluation, preservation, and compensation

We also have strong working relationships with a wide network of consultants in archeology and air-quality, as well as other specialty disciplines. Our clients can trust our team of professionals and certified technicians to develop innovative and practical solutions for complex environmental challenges, while remaining committed to the project budget and schedule.

With extensive expertise in a broad range of challenging restoration projects, our team consistently delivers on client and regulatory authorities’ goals and objectives. We are committed to working with our clients to protect our environment and to create spaces where people can reflect, recharge, and exercise to further enrich their day-to-day lives.


  • project_EcologicalRestore_2ndConcession3
    2nd Concession Wetland Mitigation Design

    Design intent was to achieve a net increase of high quality wetland area while addressing the cut / fill balance requirements associated with floodplain impacts Flora and faunal habitat of the site was enhanced, and a boardwalk was installed to allow for public accessibility while protecting the natural habitat. Roles: wetland mitigation design landscape architecture

  • project_EcologicalRestore_ClearviewCreek3
    Clearview Creek Realignment

    As part of the development of a commercial property in Southeast Oakville, Clearview creek needed to be realigned along the perimeter of the property. MMM’s landscape architecture team collaborated with the fluvial geomorphologist for the detailed design of the creek, including erosion control and pool and riffle design. Planting design included the use of salvaged…

  • Project_EcolgicalRestoration_StaufferWoodsSubdivision1
    Stauffer Woods Subdivision

    Detailed vegetation plan included an inventory and analysis of existing woodlots and hedgerows, recommendations for retention and removals, and coordination with the project engineering consultant Prepared a scenic corridor enhancement plan which addressed vegetation and paving within road and trail corridors adjacent to the development As part of a larger Jefferson Salamander study for the project,…

  • project_EcologicalRestore_CloverBarLandfillReveg4
    Clover Bar Landfill Re-Vegetation

    Created a master plan for the re-vegetation of a large central piece of the Clover Bar landfill, which was closed when it reached capacity Responsibilities included reviewing the existing landscape restoration plans, performing a detailed field survey of past restoration successes and failures, and providing an updated landscape restoration plan MMM also issued recommendations and…

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  • bio_siteassandrem_CarolynAdams
    Carolyn Adams

    Carolyn Adams, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. Manager, Environmental Management Associate Partner Key Highlights: More than 24 years of experience in the investigation and management of environmental contaminants for public- and private-sector clients responsible for the care and control of real estate Specialized in the technical characterization of soil and groundwater contamination, the management of remediation and risk…

  • bio_culturalheritage_ShannonBaker
    Shannon Baker

    Shannon Baker, BLA, MUDS OALA, CSLA Manager of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Associate Key Highlights: More than 14 years of experience in cultural heritage, landscape architecture, environmental, and urban design projects ranging from streetscape and urban design to cultural and natural heritage landscape conservation Shannon has led numerous heritage conservation district studies, plans, and guidelines;…

  • bio_LandscapeArch_ShamNankoosingh
    Sham Nankoosingh

    Sham Nankoosingh, BLA, OALA, CSLA Manager, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Associate Partner Key Highlights: An award-winning landscape architect with more than 25 years’ experience in urban design and landscape architecture, Sham is known for his unique landscape architectural and urban design skills to create beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible projects. Sham’s experience includes landscape…

  • bio_parkandtrails_CindiRowan
    Cindi Rowan

    Cindi Rowan, MLA, OALA, CSLA, ASLA Senior Landscape Architect, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design Key Highlights: Joined MMM Group in July, 2014 with more than twelve years of urban design experience in the US and Canada, including civic, commercial and residential projects, with a focus on streetscapes, design guidelines, downtown revitalization, and heritage projects Leadership…

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