Sports Fields

When done well, sports fields can provide benefits beyond the realm of athletics. In designing its sports field projects, MMM looks to create landmark projects that stand out as important contributions to the community, promote health, encourage local pride, and develop new revenue streams for public and private partners.



MMM’s portfolio of sports fields demonstrate how these projects can create community gathering places and focal points that contribute to vibrant neighbourhoods. They contribute to an organization’s, or a municipality’s, portfolio of liveable, dynamic spaces that bring people together.

Several of our projects have been certified by important industry organizations, such as FIFA and the IAAF, to ensure maximum return on investment, and provide opportunities to host world-class sporting events which bring prestige and revenue.



Truly effective designers don’t wait to find out about changing industry standards or cost-saving opportunities, they create them. MMM’s expertise has resulted in our sports field experts serving on the boards of major industry organizations, and forging connections with all levels of government and design/construction team members to ensure effective working relationships that deliver synergies and exclusive opportunities for our projects.

MMM’s sports field experts serve on the Editorial Board for the Athletic Field Construction Manual and Sport Turf Magazine, as Treasurer of the Sports Turf Association, and as Director of the Sport Turf Association Board. These positions allow us to contribute important expertise to these key industry groups, and to have early knowledge of upcoming changes in standards, industry trends, and best practices. Through local knowledge and these long-standing relationships, MMM is able to navigate the regulatory processes to obtain approvals with ease.

MMM knows that the importance of maintaining ongoing, strong relationships with local government and industry players is an underestimated key to success on most projects. MMM has worked to have collaborative relationships with municipal officials across the country to ensure early compliance with current and planned legislation, local investment and development priorities, and upcoming design opportunities.

Similarly, MMM has established long-term partnerships with industry players, such as turf firms, materials suppliers, and contractors to ensure our projects receive best-in-class service and value.



Sustainability is not an afterthought at MMM, but a part of integrating financial well-being with longevity and environmental responsibility.

In terms of sports fields, sustainability at MMM includes ensuring facilities are flexible and suitable for multiple purposes, now and in the future. It means ensuring a safe, healthy environment for contractors and the end users. It also involves looking at financial sustainability, looking at cost-paybacks, and providing long-term value.

Of course, sustainability also means incorporating innovative strategies for meeting environmental requirement and best practices. Rather than seeing sustainability as an imposition, MMM sees it as a chance to incorporate creative problem-solving, and potentially finding opportunities to improve the project overall.



MMM Group’s expertise extends well beyond sports fields to include disciplines that can provide important insights that can assist in problem-solving and find cost-saving opportunities – all under one roof. These areas include:

  • Landscape architecture
  • Turf management
  • Civil engineering
  • Water resource engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Irrigation design
  • Lighting design
  • Electrical and structural engineering
  • Contemporary sports field design
  • Surveying
  • Contract administration
  • Ecology
  • Contract administration
  • Project management

MMM uses this broad, in-house knowledge base to provide the best service possible to all types of sports field applications, including high-calibre training facilities for universities and schools, and sports fields for municipal facilities, field events, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, cricket, softball, soccer, and football.