Environment & Infrastructure Planning

Our environment and infrastructure planning services include:

  • Class environmental assessments
  • Individual environmental assessment
  • Transit project assessment process
  • Federal environmental assessment
  • Environmental assessment policy, standards, and guidelines
  • Consultation and community engagement
  • Traditional land use studies
  • Environmental permitting and approvals
  • Environmental compliance programmes
  • Environmental monitoring programmes


  • project_EnvInfrastructure&Planning_Georgetown2
    Georgetown South Service Expansion and Union – Pearson Rail Link Environmental Assessment

    Beginning as an Individual Environmental Assessment, and following more than a year of public consultation, a Terms of Reference was prepared for the project, and the assessment process subsequently transitioned to the provincial Transit Project Assessment Process MMM Group (MMM) completed the provincial and federal environmental assessments, which included corresponding stakeholder engagement and coordination of…

  • Niagara to GTA & GTA West Corridor Planning and EA
    Niagara to GTA & GTA West Corridor Planning and EA

    Provided Environmental Assessment (EA) for both corridors (Niagara to GTA, and GTA to West) Examined range of options for increasing transportation capacity in the corridors, such as rail, marine, air, transit, and roadways Contributed to land use planning and economic analysis, with emphasis on areas served by the proposed transportation corridors and respective economic activity…

  • Highway 69 Route Planning from Nobel to Hwy 522
    Highway 69 Route Planning and Environmental Assessment from North of Nobel to Hwy 522

    A part of the Trans-Canada Highway system, Highway 69 is an important route that connects rural communities, urban areas, First Nation communities, and recreational areas within northern Ontario MMM Group (MMM) completed the Route Planning and Environmental Assessment for 68 km of four-laning highway, combining twinning of the existing two-lane highway and new alignment sections…

  • CREDIT: Metrolinx
    Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit – Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) Addendum

    MMM Group is a member of 4Transit Joint Venture, which has been awarded a 10-year Transit Expansion Department Program Management Services contract by Metrolinx The Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) project will run through the heart of Toronto, making transit travel up to 60 percent faster in the Eglinton Avenue corridor The Eglinton Crosstown…

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  • bio_environment_BobBurdette
    Robert C. Burdett

    Robert C. Burdett, B.Sc. Senior Environmental Manager, Planning and Environmental Design Associate Key Highlights: More than 30 years of professional experience in the field of environmental management Specializes in the development and in-field implementation of environmental management systems including ISO 14001 Certification, and environmental permitting in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Alberta Extensive experience with municipal…

  • bio_EnvironmentandInfrastructurePlanning_KarlvanKessel
    Karl van Kessel

    Karl van Kessel, BScH, MES, MCIP, RPP Senior Environmental Planner / Senior Project Manager Associate Partner Key Highlights: More than 17 years of professional experience leading Environmental Assessments for various projects, including municipal roads and bridges, provincial highways, LRT and heavy rail public transit, water and wastewater infrastructure, municipal landfills and transfer stations, solid waste…

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