Water Resources

Our water resources services include:

  • Hydrotechnical engineering
  • Flood risk management
  • Stormwater management
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Watercourse restoration
  • Watershed planning and monitoring
  • Guidelines and policy services


  • CREDIT: WZMH Architects
    project_WaterResources_880Bay_Credit WZMH
    880 Bay Street – Government Office Building

    In collaboration with WZMH Architects, provided planning and supporting technical input for this 1,000,000-ft², 45-storey government office building in Queen’s Park complex Project targeting LEED Silver (minimum) certification MMM Group’s services included preparation of a comprehensive stormwater management report addressing the City of Toronto’s green development standards and LEED requirements Ambitious approach incorporated stringent rainwater…

  • project_WaterResources_DrainageStudy2
    Lower East End Hamilton Stormwater Management Investigation

    Investigated the cause of ongoing severe basement and surface flooding problems in the lower east end of Hamilton, an area serviced by a complex combined and partially separated sewer system that has continued to evolve since the early 1900s Developed a network model identifying the causes of the flooding, and analyzing potential remedial measures Conceived…

  • project_WaterResources_Dunnville1
    Dunnville Flood Plain Policy Update

    MMM provided flood plain analysis and 2D hydrogeology modelling for the Town of Dunnville, located along the banks of the Grand River and subject to periodic flooding during high-flow events Established 1D model based on recent cross-sectional data; 1D model was linked to a 2D surface drainage model based on a recent Digital Elevation Model…

  • project_WaterResources_JamesSnow2
    James Snow Parkway – Watercourse

    Provided detailed design and construction supervision for realignment of the Mansewood Tributary to accommodate the extension of James Snow Parkway near Steeles Avenue Design incorporated bioengineering to stabilize the channel and provide increased flood storage volumes under regional flood conditions Channel was designed with a pool-run morphology, utilizing on-site materials during construction Realignment was based…

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  • bios_Infrastructure__SteveVanHaren
    Steve Van Haren

    Steve van Haren, P.Eng., P.E. Department Manager, Water Resources Associate Key Highlights: More than 15 years of water resources consulting experience extending from strategic planning through to detailed design, including project management and public consultation Specialization in stormwater management, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, flood risk assessment, watershed planning, and rainwater harvesting Experience in a broad…

  • bios_Infrastructure_JanuszCzuj
    Janusz Czuj

    Janusz Czuj, P.Eng. Senior Project Manager, Water Resources Associate Key Highlights: More than 24 years of water resources consulting experience in design and project management, for projects ranging from feasibility through to detailed design Specializes in highway drainage, stormwater management, watershed planning, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, flood risk assessment, small hydro, and dam safety reviews…

  • bio_WaterResources_MarkHartley
    Mark Hartley

    Mark Hartley, B.Sc. (Fisheries), M.Sc., P.Eng. Senior Project Manager, Water Resources Key Highlights: Joined MMM in 2015 with more than 25 years of experience in flood and erosion hazards assessment and remediation, with a keen appreciation of the form and function of valleys and watercourses, as well as their interactions with infrastructure and neighbourhoods Expert…

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