Cuthbert Mondesir


Cuthbert Mondesir, Dip.Elect.Eng., BA, LC, MIES, MIEEE

Manager, Transportation Engineering – Electrical Systems

Associate Partner

Key Highlights:

  • More than 30 years of professional experience in the design and project management of various types of electrical engineering projects for private and public agencies
  • Extensive experience in illumination design for roadway and outdoor spaces, sports fields, airports (groundside), parking garages and parkades, as well as traffic signal design; Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) – design of underground provision and traffic counting / classifier stations; cathodic protection systems design for structures; electrical systems design for truck inspection stations; preparation of electrical pre-design reports; and preparation of electrical systems economic evaluations and costs analyses
  • Specializes in parking areas and roadway illumination, traffic signals, and traffic management systems for roadways, and inspection of electrical systems

Select Project Experience:

  • Highway 401 / Victoria Park Interchange Reconstruction and Structural Rehabilitation / Cathodic Protection, Ontario
  • Highway 401 East Bound Collector from East of Neilson Road to West of Highway 2 – High Mast Lighting, Ontario
  • Peer Review of Roadway Illumination, Traffic Signals Underpass Lighting, Terminal 3, Lester Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario
  • Lighting Assessment Report Evaluating Existing Illumination at Steeles Avenue Mall Entrance, Toronto, Ontario
  • Civic Plaza Parkade Retrofit Illumination Design, Calgary, Alberta
  • West Regina Bypass Hwy 1 Traffic Signals and Illumination Design, Regina, Saskatchewan
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