Explaining Bridge Acceleration

News_Explaining Bridge Acceleration

David Cerullo, Project Engineer, Bridges, and James Sherlock, Senior Project Manager Bridges, will be presenting at the 2015 National Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference, taking place December 6 – 8 in Miami, Florida.

The Highway 406 Glendale Avenue Overpasses Rehabilitation: Lateral Slide Rapid Bridge Replacement will be the focus of their presentation. Together they will cover the processes used in successfully completing a challenging project such as this. The presentation will include a discussion on the project’s feasibility study on alternate accelerated bridge construction methods, and why the use of the jack and lateral slide methodology for a superstructure replacement was chosen as the most favourable option in this case.

This well-attended conference will include 110 technical presentations and 10 workshops, bringing together bridge engineers, state and bridge officials, and consultants in the industry.

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