Highway A-30 Project Wins Three Awards in One Night


The Highway / Autoroute 30 (A-30) P3 project, which was completed and opened to traffic last December, was celebrated during two simultaneous events on May 29th in the province of Québec.

The first event, the Association of Transportation of Québec (AQTR) Awards for Excellence in Transportation, held in Québec City, brought together more than 200 professionals from the transportation sector to highlight more than 20 projects and honour winners in nine categories. AQTR selected the significant, $1.5B, 42-km, A-30 P3 project as the winner in the Infrastructure category.

A second prize was given to the project later in the evening. Impressed by the extent of the project, including its two major bridges, 13 overpass bridges, 17 highway bridges, 11 interchanges, 90-meter-long tunnel, 14-lane toll plaza, and 42-km of new four-lane highway, the AQTR granted the project a special Honorary Trophy for its contribution to Quebec society.

A30 Award Image

From left to right: Marc Des Rivieres (AQTR), Claude Carette (City of Montreal), Dominique Lacoste (AQTR), Sandra Sultana (MTQ), Emile Hanna (MMM), Denis Leonard (NA30)

At the same time, the Reinforcing Steel Institute of Québec (IAAQ) hosted its own award ceremony in downtown Montreal, to reward the most impressive and innovative projects that used reinforced concrete over the last year. In honouring MMM with a special award, IAAQ stated “it would have been unfair to others to let the A-30 project compete alongside other infrastructure projects, which is why it is rewarded tonight in a standalone category through an honourary award, specifically created for this occasion”.

From 2008 until its completion in December 2012, MMM Group was the independent engineer for the A-30 project, responsible for design review of bridges, tunnel and highway works, attestation, and oversight of all project design and construction. The Ministry of Transport of Quebec and Nouvelle Autoroute 30 S.E.N.C. (NA30), a consortium of two internationally renowned companies, Acciona and Iridium, were the partners in this P3 venture.

The MMM Montreal staff was split into two groups for the evening in order to attend both ceremonies and receive this well-deserved recognition for four years of hard work and long hours spent both in the office and on the construction site.