MMM Awarded Report on Endangered Wildlife

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MMM was recently awarded the contract to update the Status Report for the Blanding’s Turtle for the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). This selection was the result of our Ecology Team’s reputation and the specific expertise of our team members in researching endangered species.

Our Ecology team will produce the status report, a comprehensive technical document assessing the status of this endangered turtle. The report will examine the Canadian distribution, population trends, habitat availability, and threats in order to advice the COSEWIC, which is a team of experts that designates at-risk species. This research is vitally important, as the designations made by COSEWIC impact national endangered species designations and provincial legislation.

MMM’s Teresa Piraino will lead the preparation of the report, including the coordination of experts in Eastern Canada. Teresa is a recognized expert on species-at-risk reptiles, and her past research experience includes Blanding’s and other turtle species.