MMM Experts Speak at Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium


Two speakers from MMM’s Buildings group, Steve Kemp, Manager of Sustainability, and Braden Kurczak, Manager of Business Development, are featured presenters at the 17th Annual Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium (ASBS) on May 6.

Steve’s presentation is on Assessing the Impact of Architectural Form on Energy Performance, while Braden’s is on Materials Transparency: What Matters for Sustainability.

Steve’s session focuses on a 2013 study MMM completed for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to determine the most important factor in achieving a high-performing multi-unit residential building (MURB) in Canada. As part of the study, the engineering team created a custom eQuest script and modeled an unprecedented 6,000 possible combinations of building designs to determine the connection between form and efficiency, including looking at floor plate, orientation, envelope, and height. The study determined the most important design parameter in heating and cooling loads was the performance of the envelope façade elements themselves. Namely the insulating performance of the walls, the insulating performance and solar gain performance of the windows, and the relative ratio between these two façade elements represented by the window-to-wall ratio.

Braden will present with Nadine Gudz, Director of Sustainability Strategy at Interface Canada, on what constitutes a ‘sustainable’ material, and what’s next in product transparency and sustainable materials innovation and evaluation. The speakers will share a simple framework for evaluating a manufacturer’s efforts in terms of transparency, overall company performance, and product attributes.

The one-day ASBS brings together Alberta’s top players in the green building industry for workshops, keynote speakers, and the opportunity to network. The conference is organized by the Alberta Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council.