MMM Group Limited Acquires LPS AVIA Consulting

MMM Acquires LPS AVIA Consulting

Specialty Firm to Complement MMM’s Growing Aviation Practice

LPS AVIA Consulting - A Member of MMM Group Logo

The Board of Directors of MMM Group and CEO, Hugo Blasutta, are pleased to announce that LPS AVIA Consulting is now a member of MMM Group Limited. With more than two decades in the aviation business, Canadian firm, LPS AVIA, is known for custom-made, creative solutions to help airlines, airports, and industry increase profitability and improve operations. The Ottawa-based firm’s experience on more than 400 aviation projects, and their particular focus on projects in the circumpolar region, is an ideal complement to MMM’s strong aviation practice.

“LPS AVIA’s location, expertise, and strong portfolio expand and enhance MMM’s expanding aviation offerings,” says Hugo Blasutta, CEO of MMM Group. “Our clients will appreciate the breadth of our new team’s expertise and comprehensive approach to aviation as a strategic partner.”

The acquisition of LPS AVIA will add a range of distinctive services to MMM’s aviation portfolio. In a time when air transport entities face an unprecedented level of pressure to be more efficient and competitive, the new MMM / LPS AVIA team will make for a trusted partner.

About MMM Group Limited’s Aviation Practice

At hundreds of airports in more than 200 locations across Canada and around the world, MMM has delivered innovative, sustainable, and technically superior solutions that enhance passenger experience, create safe and secure environments, and contribute to efficient, cost-effective airport operations. MMM’s award-winning portfolio of projects include airports of all sizes, including North America’s first P3 air terminal building project.

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