MMM Group Recognized as ‘Platinum Elite’ in Canadian Infrastructure

News_MMMGroupRecognizedas‘Platinum Elite’inCanadian Infrastructure

We are pleased to announce that MMM Group has been awarded a ‘Platinum Elite’ badge by ReNew Canada magazine for its involvement in 25 of the top 100 infrastructure projects in Canada.

The ReNew Canada Top 100 report annually ranks Canada’s largest, in-progress infrastructure projects by total cost. Badges are awarded to the companies engaged in multiple projects on the list.

MMM Group is one of only six companies to receive the top badge honours; recognizing it as a key player in the Canadian infrastructure industry.

The 25 MMM-involved projects listed in the report have a combined value of $54B, spanning six provinces, and fourteen different sectors. MMM is particularly well represented in the healthcare, transportation, and transit sectors, with eighteen projects on the list.

MMM played a role in five of the top ten projects identified by the ranking, and was part of the team for the number 1 project – Site C Clean Energy Project.

In total, the 2015 Renew Top 100 represents over $158B in infrastructure investments in Canada.

Click here for more information on the Top 100 projects listed this year.