MMM Participating in Popular 2015 OAIA Conference


MMM Group Limited is a gold sponsor and an active participant at the 2015 Ontario Association for Impact Assessment (OAIA) conference taking place October 21st and 22nd in Toronto.

This annual OAIA event brings environmental assessment professionals from a variety of industries to come together and share ideas and stories about how to tackle climate change. The theme for this year’s sold out conference is, ‘Environmental Assessment: A critical tool for tackling climate change.’

MMM team members will be involved as follows:

Speaker: Clark Gunter, Senior Project Manager, Environmental Management
Session: Innovative Approaches to Addressing Climate Change in Environmental Assessment (EA)
Focus: Discussion on how a greenhouse gas emission inventory can be used during an EA as input to evaluation of alternatives and inform the need for mitigation.

Moderator: Sandy Nairn, Manager, Environmental Planning
Session: Integration of Climate Change in EA: The Municipal Context
Focus: Panel will explore the importance of municipal governments in advancing the climate change adaptation discourse, planning for responses, and improving the resilience of infrastructure.

Facilitator: Katie Bright, Senior Environmental Planner, Environmental Planning (OAIA Board & Conference Committee Member)
Session: Community Visioning Session
Focus: Participants will discuss recommendations for the use of Environmental Assessment as a tool to tackle climate change.

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