MMM’s Lighting Studio Takes Home Top Award


MMM Group Limited  took home the BC Hydro ReDesign Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society of British Columbia for the exterior lighting design for the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Central Plant Building Envelope Renovation. This project also won the IES Illumination Award of Merit.

The exterior envelope of the BCIT campus central plant, a 50-year-old utilitarian building, has aged to the point of requiring renovation. The main design objective was to create a pleasing appearance along the campus walkways based on creative, attractive, and functional lighting with low energy consumption.

New steel / glass canopies and new cladding were added to the existing building. To provide a more aesthetic appearance, the steel columns supporting the glass canopies were wrapped with acrylic panels. At night, the columns transform into light sculptures back lit LED-Linear Vario LED IP67 strips within the columns