Peter DeRooy and Spencer Cripps Co-Lecturing on Collaborative Projects


MMM’s Peter DeRooy (Chief BIM CAD Manager, Buildings) and Spencer Cripps (BIM Designer, Buildings) will facilitate the ‘Setting Up A Collaborative Project’ session, as part of the 3rd Reinventing Construction Project Delivery course, May 8 – 9, in Toronto.

Sharing their extensive expertise in collaborative projects with construction project professionals, the session details a step-by-step process for setting up a collaborative project, discussing the key principles and practical approach to project delivery. Highlighting trends in collaboration, the course further examines team formation and risk management, as well as practices during pre-construction planning.

The presentation takes the approach that the measure of success with collaborative project delivery is project-centric, requiring a realigning of participant roles, underlying motivations, and sequences of activities to effectively utilize participants’ talents.

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