Planning for Liveable Communities of the Future

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Three MMM planners, Jeff Ward (Senior Project Planner, Halifax) along with Donal Farelly (Project Planner, Edmonton), and Roxane MacInnis (Senior Project Planner, Ottawa) will be presenting at the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) annual conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on July 9th.

Their session, Planning for Liveable Communities of the Future, focuses on how community physical design and programming can become enablers for personal mobility. Primarily concentrating on suburban settings in Canada where the private car still tends to dominate, the presentation explores ways to improve the range of transportation choices available to residents. Discussion continues surrounding the development of future communities which can be designed to be healthier and more liveable by providing for a range of mobility options utilizing urban design principles, concluding with a review of the way in which travel behaviour can be influenced by the use of innovative mobility management techniques.

The 2014 CIP conference theme, People Matter, explores the potential of planning with practical tools to positively impact health.

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