Planning for Prosperity, Enriching Education

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Members of the MMM team feel strongly about encouraging and mentoring young people who wish to develop careers in areas such as planning and engineering. This desire was recently put into action by members of MMM’s Alberta Planning team, who volunteered their time and skills to promoting an initiative at the University of Alberta (UofA)

The Planning for Prosperity fundraising event they organized was a huge success, affording support for the UofA Planning and Development Program, with a portion of the proceeds contributing to a new student award.

The new Dr. Peter J. Smith Medal in Planning will be awarded in honour of Dr. Smith’s influence at the UofA and in the fields of geography and planning.

The endowment for the award was conceptualized by a former student of Dr. Smith’s, and accomplished through the combined efforts and contributions of MMM along with several other planning and engineering firms, the City of Edmonton, and many former students and colleagues of Dr. Smith.

UofA showed their appreciation of the MMM team’s contributions. “The Planning for Prosperity event, organized by Misty Sklar, Manager of Planning, MMM Group Limited helped us reach the fundraising target” (Sandeep Agrawal, Director, Planning Program, UofA)