Alton Village Study Heritage Character Statement

  • MMM, as part of a multidisciplinary project team, oversaw project management, planning, and community design for the Alton Village Study, planning for new growth and the expansion of existing businesses while retaining the historic mill town’s character.
  • The challenge was meeting the needs of the existing residents and maintaining the attractive character of the old mill town, while planning for new growth in the context of the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and the Provincial Greenbelt Plan.
  • The Heritage Character Statement guided the development process for the Study through the examination of heritage preservation principles to ensure the enhancement of heritage resources within this Caledon village.
  • MMM carefully studied the detailed historical development context and the existing built and cultural heritage landscape resources.
  • The MMM team conducted a series of successful workshops with the community, which helped form the vision and preferred design elements.
  • A preferred concept for the village was developed, which addresses sensitive, contextually appropriate revitalization through infill and new neighbourhood design.


  • project management
  • community planning
  • community design
  • public consultation