Bipole III Transmission Reliability Project

Approximately 75% of Manitoba’s generating capacity is delivered to southern Manitoba via the existing high-voltage direct current (HVDC) Interlake corridor, which is shared by the Bipole I and II transmission lines

In order to enhance the overall system reliability and dependability of Manitoba Hydro’s power grid, MMM Group provided professional geomatics services for the construction of 400 km of a 500-kV HVDC transmission line spanning from Split Lake to The Pas in northern Manitoba.

  • MMM established 255 km of a project control network of GPS base station locations relative to the Canadian Active Control System and Passive Control Network maintained by Natural Resources Canada
  • The control network was established in a remote setting, utilizing helicopter, snowmobile, and truck transportation where access allowed
  • Ongoing field surveys for this project involved the coordination and checking of the right-of-way clearing limits, topographic survey of access and crossings, and final structure construction layout calculation and staking
  • Project deliverables included control network adjustment and analysis, control sheets for the established monuments, and final structure staking coordinates


  • project management
  • project control network
  • final structure construction staking
  • topographic surveys
  • clearing limit surveys