City of Hamilton Coordinated Street Furniture Guidelines

  • MMM completed coordinated street furniture guidelines for the City of Hamilton, establishing a unified approach to street furniture selection and placement on Hamilton’s streets, with a goal to improve and celebrate Hamilton’s public realm with high-quality design.
  • The incentive to this approach was to provide guidance in the creation of a functional, legible, accessible, and attractive streetscape, through furniture selection and placement criteria developed by the project team with proven experience in landscape architecture and streetscape design, and through consultation with stakeholders.
  • The guidelines will assist in streamlining the selection process and placement of furniture, and create efficiencies in the installation, operations, and maintenance processes, while encouraging context-specific solutions for flexibility in adapting to individual site conditions and the creation of diversity in the urban realm.
  • The guidelines were created with consideration to both new developments and retrofitting of existing streets. The intent of the guidelines is not to prescribe a series of one-size-fits-all solutions, but to create a flexible tool that can be used by the city or designers to respond to a variety of street types and uses that make up Hamilton’s urban fabric, and encourage a diverse, yet coordinated urban landscape.


  • landscape architecture and design
  • transportation planning
  • municipal engineering