City of Waterloo Master Drainage Study

  • Purpose of study was to understand and mitigate existing drainage deficiencies, and address possible impacts on drainage and water quality resulting from future redevelopment and intensification
  • Investigations demonstrated that virtually all urban drainage deficiencies are located in the sections of Waterloo developed prior to 1970
  • Established a priority rating for each deficiency, to investigate options and determine preliminary costs
  • Reviewed existing stormwater management practices, and recommended upgrades and new construction of basins in strategic locations
  • Assessed the impact of future intensification on urban drainage, water quality, and infiltration rates, and developed policy options based on anticipated impacts


  • project management
  • public consultation programs
  • water quality modelling
  • sewer network modelling
  • hydrotechnical analysis
  • cost-benefit analysis
  • stormwater management facility design
  • costing for capital budgets
  • municipal engineering