Comprehensive Master Plan for Makkah & Madinah GIS Services



  • geomatics
  • GIS
  • Location: Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia

  • Created a 3D GIS decision support system to assist the urban, transportation, infrastructure, and environmental planning teams to formulate the Comprehensive Master Plan

    The integrated GIS modeling methodology included the development of modules of data and analysis that supported each sector team with their unique and common data sources, analysis and information flows

  • Provided a flexible and consistent framework for iterating plan assumptions across the disciplines – the underlying GIS database is also able to be modeled and visualized in 3D environment and is accessible via the web


  • To support the Comprehensive Master Plan, an interactive GIS enabled long term mapping tools, land use database, and visual data representation to facilitate the illustration of transport policies, as well as the analysis of current and future environmental and land use patterns, utility location, emergency routes, and other transportation priorities