Costco Wholesale

  • MMM has been involved in due diligence studies, site layout and design, landscape architecture, detailed engineering design, services during construction for grading and infrastructure (storm sewers, sanitary sewers, watermains and roads), and planning approvals for various Costco developments across Canada
  • MMM routinely undertakes planning approvals for Costco including site plan approvals, minor variances, consent to sever, draft plan of subdivision, zoning by-law amendments, and obtaining building permits
  • MMM is continuing to support Costco Wholesale by performing due diligence, site layout, and design work for a variety of potential new retail warehouse and gas bars sites across Ontario and Alberta


  • due diligence studies
  • site layout and design
  • detailed engineering design
  • planning approvals
  • landscape architecture
  • surveying
  • contract administration
  • Location:┬áVarious Canadian locations