David Suzuki Public School

One of the most energy-efficient schools in Canada

MMM provided New Building Commissioning services and Sustainability & Energy Modelling services.

Several green features are visible to students for educational purposes, the design team included a green roof classroom with a visible solar sun tracker, a clear pipe in the hallway that shows rainwater being sent from the roof to the concrete cistern below ground, glazed mechanical room walls, and a clear panel in the floor so students can see the radiant floor heating technology.

  • Achieved LEED Platinum and all 10 optimized energy points, in part due to the first two months of post-occupancy building commissioning which helped reduce energy usage below predicted levels, achieving a metered  usage of only 86 kWh/m²
  • Complex building systems required in-depth commissioning, including a 20-m³ cistern, a groundsource heat pump, earth tubes, a solar wall, 36-kW photovoltaic, a living wall, a green roof, and both horizontal- and vertical-axis wind turbines


  • sustainable design facilitation
  • energy efficiency consulting
  • LEED consulting & certification
  • building commissioning