Detroit River CP Rail Tunnel

  • MMM Group Limited (MMM) is providing program management, transportation planning and design, and mapping and surveying services.
  • The project consists of constructing a new 10-m-diameter bored rail tunnel extending
    2,200 m under the Detroit River, and converting the existing Detroit River railway tunnel to accommodate cross-border truck traffic.
  • The new rail tunnel will accommodate double-stacked container cars and tri-level auto carriers, and will replace the existing twin-tube rail tunnel constructed in the early 1900s.
  • The new rail tunnel has potential to double the existing truck capacity between Canada and the U.S.A., and to divert international truck traffic away from arterial roads in Windsor.
  • The project includes a new 14-km controlled-access express truck-only link from Highway 401 in Windsor to Interstate 75 in Detroit, while 14 lane plazas and related truck processing and inspection areas will accommodate the U.S.A. and Canadian border inspection services.
  • Numerous road and rail bridges will carry relocated rail and truck traffic over existing crossing roads to avoid impacting the local road system and to provide a high level of service for cross-border truck traffic.
  • Road and tunnel operations will be fully secured to meet stringent Canada / U.S. border crossing security requirements, with tunnels that are fully instrumented for presence detection, infrared scanning, and CCTV, in addition to high-security fencing.
  • Rail infrastructure and yards in the area will be relocated and modified to accommodate the new tunnel portal location and truck road operations.


  • transportation engineering
  • transportation planning
  • program management
  • mapping and surveying
  • Location: Canada / U.S.A. Border