Downsview Park

Located on a 300-acre former Canadian Forces Base Downsview, this $22-million project will be the country’s first urban national park

  • The Federal government is developing Downsview Park into the first national urban park in the country and wants to base its design on sustainability principles
  • MMM refined the Master Plan for the park and to carry out detail design with special emphasis on stormwater management, including a central lake and two upstream ponds that are designed to pre-treat runoff discharging to the lake
  • Bioswales were also designed to provide opportunities for on-site retention of runoff
  • The establishment of the Canada forest, a major feature of the site, will contribute to maintaining the water balance at the site by retaining rainfall in its tree canopy and through increased evapotranspiration
  • MMM conducted detailed hydrologic/hydraulic modelling to confirm that the proposed stormwater management system will achieve its water balance and runoff volume and rate targets


  • landscape architecture
  • project management
  • municipal engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • structural engineering
  • transportation planning
  • ecology
  • construction management