Dunnville Flood Plain Policy Update

  • MMM provided flood plain analysis and 2D hydrogeology modelling for the Town of Dunnville, located along the banks of the Grand River and subject to periodic flooding during high-flow events
  • Established 1D model based on recent cross-sectional data; 1D model was linked to a 2D surface drainage model based on a recent Digital Elevation Model from LIDAR
  • The 1D portion of the combined 1D-2D model accounts for flows within the channel banks of the river, while the 2D portion of the model comes into effect when flow spills over the channel banks, readily defining overland flow paths and spill-points to allow for evaluation of future development scenarios
  • The resulting 1D-2D modelling better defines the existing flood plain area, and establishes new and expanding Special Policy Area (SPA) Boundaries for lands within the town


  • flood plain analysis and modelling
  • hydrology modelling
  • MIKE 1d / 2d modelling
  • spa boundaries