Fallowfield Road Transitway / Railway Crossing High-Speed Rail Proposal Risk Assessment

  • MMM conducted a risk assessment on a proposal by Via Rail to convert an existing train crossing  through a significant arterial roadway from a designated low-speed rail operation to a high-speed (160 km/h) operation
  • Applied a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis approach, which relied on a probability-based risk analysis technique structured around quantitative analysis and expert opinion
  • Multiple factors were considered, including:
    • Complexity of the crossing on an already high-volume arterial roadway
    • Presence of a highly skewed at-grade rail crossing and an immediately adjacent at-grade bus crossing
    • Intersecting active transportation (pedestrian and cyclists) corridor
    • Significant residential development in the surrounding area, and potential for substantive future growth in population and employment activity in the region


    • road safety engineering
    • risk assessment