Five Residential Facilities

MMM was retained by Region of Peel to provide recommissioning and energy audit services for five residential living sites throughout Ontario

  • Eighty-two low- or no-cost and operation and maintenance energy saving measures were identified across the five sites.
  • Common energy-saving measures included equipment repairs, envelope thermal performance improvements, tenant electrical sub-metering, set point and schedule adjustments, and control optimization.
  • Thirty-four capital improvement energy saving measures were identified across the five living sites.
  • Recommendations for capital improvements included lighting retrofits, heating plant retrofits (including major equipment replacement), and the addition of variable frequency drives to pump and fan motors.
  • Energy consumption savings of 25% were projected, along with a projected 20% saving in annual utility costs, and a 26% greenhouse gas emission reduction.


  • recommissioning
  • energy audit
  • building documentation
  • field investigations
  • monitoring and analyzing building systems
  • energy saving calculations
  • building optimization
  • Location:┬áVarious locations in Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario