Holland Landing, Queensville, and Sharon Wastewater Infrastructure Class EA Review

  • MMM Group Limited was retained by York Region to complete a Class EA review of the York-Durham Sewage System (YDSS) Extension to Holland Landing and Queensville.
  • The review included an evaluation of environmental conditions and an assessment of alternatives for the provision of wastewater services.
  • The study evaluated the option of servicing the area using an advanced technology sewage treatment plant discharging to Lake Simcoe, and by connecting it to the YDSS.
  • The study also reviewed the addition of Sharon to the YDSS extension service area and the decommissioning of the Holland Landing Sewage Lagoons.
  • Under the second phase of the project, MMM identified the preferred routes and locations of the sewers and pumping stations that were required to connect the Study Area to the YDSS.
  • A public and agency advisory committee was established to review the progress of the study. Public meetings were held, as were meetings with the review agencies and specific municipal and public stakeholder groups.


  • environmental assessment
  • project management
  • hydrogeology
  • biology
  • civil engineering
  • Location:¬†York Region, Ontario