Kennedy Road Watermain Tunnel

  • MMM Group provided preliminary and detailed design, project management, and contract administration for the tunnelling of a 7-km-long, 1500-mm-diameter concrete pressure pipe watermain
  • Extending from the Milliken Pumping Station to Major Mackenzie Drive, the tunnel crossed CN and GO rail tracks, Highway 407, and the Rouge River
  • The watermain tunnel shaft was approximately 25 m in depth and 2.7 m in diameter for the south tunnel, and 2.4 m in diameter for the north tunnel
  • With water levels between 1.5 m to 10 m below surface, the subsurface profile along the tunnel route was comprised of surficial fill and topsoil underlain with interbedded layers of cohesive clayey-silt and silty-clay, fine- to medium-textured non-plastic silt, and coarser-textured sand and gravel
  • The overburden was a relatively complex sequence overlying the bedrock, consisting of glacial deposits interbedded with glacio-lacustrine and glacio-fluvial sand, silt, and clay
  • The watermain was constructed using a combination of open-cut trenching and tunnelling, and a 3.1-km-long section of tunnel was constructed using an earth pressure balance machine with steel segment liner
  • Six shafts of the tunnel were constructed through a variety of methods including ground freezing, secant pile, and caisson wall


  • preliminary design
  • detail design
  • project management
  • contract administration