Laurier Avenue Segregated Bike Lane Design Pilot Project

First downtown segregated bike lanes constructed in Ontario

The pilot project promoted cycling as an effective transportation mode and resulted in bike traffic increasing by an average of 240% per day in the summer of 2011.

  • Undertook a comprehensive corridor assessment for a proposed segregated cycling facility, from developing concepts through to detailed design, and advanced the preparation of a tender package for immediate construction
  • Technical excellence in transportation engineering and design contributed to a more sustainable and active community by better connecting cyclists to key destinations, improving the comfort of cyclists, and attracting a broader group of residents to cycling


  • feasibility study
  • functional and detailed design
  • route development and alignment
  • public and stakeholder consultation
  • route costing and implementation
  • traffic / safety demand analysis
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario

    • Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Sustainable Communities Award, 2014
    • Ottawa Urban Design Awards, Award of Merit, Urban Elements, 2011