Lower East End Hamilton Stormwater Management Investigation

  • Investigated the cause of ongoing severe basement and surface flooding problems in the lower east end of Hamilton, an area serviced by a complex combined and partially separated sewer system that has continued to evolve since the early 1900s
  • Developed a network model identifying the causes of the flooding, and analyzing potential remedial measures
  • Conceived an “all-pipes” MIKE URBAN (MOUSE) model for an 1,100-hectare area, for integration with the city’s existing MOUSE City-Wide Trunk Sewer System Model
  • Established priorities, and recommended remedial measures for two scenarios, with and without the large-scale tunnel, based on the benefits to areas with known flooding problems or the potential to experience flooding in the future, costs, and ease of implementation


  • project management
  • public consultation programs
  • sewer network modelling
  • hydrotechnical analysis
  • cost-benefit analysis
  • stormwater management facility design
  • municipal engineering
  • costing for capital budgets