McMaster University Engineering and Technology Building

  • One of several LEED certified buildings on the campus, McMaster University’s 11,600m² Engineering Technology Building includes teaching, administrative, support, and laboratory spaces
  • MMM Group provided fundamental and best practice commissioning, as well as LEED and energy efficiency services to achieve LEED Gold certification
  • Recommended a 40m³ cistern to collect and store roof run-off to supply non-potable indoor water uses (such as toilets), as well as a water treatment system to purify harvested rainwater using chlorine and ultra-violet light to bring the water to drinking quality
  • Sustainable design principles include a heat recovery system that utilizes waste energy from building exhaust air to pre-condition incoming ventilation air; and a high-performance curtainwall system with triple glazed windows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


  • LEED consultant
  • energy engineer
  • commissioning