Pembroke Courthouse

MMM provided recommissioning services for this 68,300 sq. ft. heritage facility that underwent extensive renovations

  • HVAC distribution consisted of one AHU and three RTUs, each with a supply and return air fan and package Dx cooling units.
  • The AHU and three RTUs were equipped with a local C-TRAC controller enabled by the BAS; the boilers had a standalone control system also enabled by the BAS.
  • The building utilized 140 VAV boxes, unit heaters, reheat fan coil units, baseboard heaters, 25 exhaust fans, and cabinet heaters.
  • Mechanical system consisted of three hot water boilers for heating, pumps, electronically operated valves, and an automated control system
  • Provided numerous low- or no-cost findings and capital recommendations to improve the indoor environmental conditions including eliminating cold spots, system controls issues, poor airflow distribution, and building leakage in the six courtrooms, judges’ chambers, offices, and holding areas


  • recommissioning services