Public Markets Brownfield Redevelopment Phase II ESA

Brownfield redevelopment management services for the Public Markets site in the heart of St. Boniface, Winnipeg

  • Formerly the site of the second largest stockyards and livestock processing facilities in North America, this Public Markets site in the heart of St. Boniface will be transformed into a thriving community with the help of MMM’s redevelopment plans and environmental management services
  • Prior to allowing development on the brownfield site, comprehensive mitigation, environmental site assessments, and detailed planning were conducted
  • With visionary planning, the site’s redevelopment will incorporate an innovative sustainable remediation program and environmental land use planning to maximize efficiencies and minimize costs of the redevelopment, including material reuse and the engineering of stormwater retention ponds for filtration of contaminants


  • land use planning
  • subdivision design
  • environmental management
  • brownfield redevelopment plan
  • sustainable remediation
  • transportation planning
  • Location: St. Boniface , Manitoba