Sherbourne Street Separated Bicycle Lane Pilot Project

  • The City of Toronto retained MMM Group to complete a feasibility study and then undertake detailed design of separated bicycle lanes for Sherbourne Street from Queen’s Quay to immediately south of Bloor Street
  • After a program of consultation with the public and municipal staff, as well as studying other solutions from around the world, the project team conducted a transportation analysis to create a set of criteria to assess the merits, design, and development of a uni- versus bi-directional cycle track facility
  • Applying the criteria to select the most appropriate design treatment, the study team proceeded with a detailed design of an innovative cycle track facility which integrated colour pavement markings, raised curbs, left-turn bicycle boxes, concrete barrier curbs, bicycle stencil pavement markings, and route signage


  • feasibility study
  • functional and detailed design
  • route development and alignment
  • public and stakeholder consultation
  • route costing and implementation
  • traffic / safety demand analysis