Topographic Survey for Land Development via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Drone

MMM’s use of an UAV drone ensured an accurate, quick, and safe survey while minimizing disruption to the area

  • Performed an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) survey to create a digital terrain model and an aerial imagery map for a 1-sq km parcel of land
  • Data consisted of a dense blanket of 3D points spaced 5-7 cm apart, while high-definition colour imagery showed exactly and accurately what was on the ground at that point in time.
  • Post-processing classified and removed all irrelevant features to compile a true, ground-level digital model.
  • Survey was completed in a matter of hours, including control setup, flight, and field QA / QC of the raw data
  • Typical deliverables for an UAV operation include true colour orthophotos mosaics, 3D models, and digital surface models at the 5-7 cm / pixel resolution. Accuracy is typically at the 4-5 cm level. GIS and CAD ready files are available.


  • topographic survey
  • digital terrain model creation
  • high resolution imagery collection
  • Location: Westwinds–Morinville, Alberta