University of Ottawa, Biology Building

Canada’s most energy-efficient building

  • MMM Group provided sustainable design facilitation and energy-efficiency consulting for the University of Ottawa’s 5,200sq. m. Biology Building, the most energy-efficient building in Canada, achieving a 73% reduction in energy consumption when compared to standard design practice
  • Energy savings were independently verified by Natural Resources Canada as the highest value seen in over 220 CBIP and C2000 projects (as of February 2004).
  • Design features include a terminal cooling system which sends dry, dehumidified air from a central plant throughout the building, allowing air to be heated or cooled within individual rooms as required.
  • Other notable features include:
    • high-performance glazing
    • insulated curtainwall mullions
    • low-flow fume hoods
    • waste-heat recovery from growth chambers
    • ventilation and lighting controlled by occupancy sensors
    • energy-efficient T-8 lighting


  • sustainable design facilitation
  • energy efficiency consulting
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario

  • Natural Resources Canada, New Building Energy Efficiency Award, 2004