The ‘Size is Right’ – Sustainability for Building Systems


A recognized expert in energy modelling and energy efficiency technology, Steve Kemp, MMM’s Manager, Buildings – Sustainability, along with three other subject matter specialists, will facilitate the seventh session in the Ontario Association of Architects’ (OAA) +2030 Professional Series; July 29th at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works, and July 31st at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

Their session, Right-sized: Equipment and Controls for Super-efficient Building Systems, examines the concept and application of designing and specifying equipment and controls for buildings, exploring hybrid natural-mechanical ventilation systems, and other approaches to engineering a mechanical system to be as small, efficient, and effective as possible. Learning objectives of the course include the application of right-sizing after passive energy conservation strategies, utilizing controls to optimize the efficiency of equipment, and enumerating energy efficient strategies to maintain occupant comfort.

The OAA +2030 Professional Series helps design professionals create buildings that meet the ambitious energy efficiency goals of the 2030 Challenge. Session information is cumulative, and aims to provide an overall understanding of specific design strategies and how they can be integrated to provide optimal results.